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‘If the doctors of today do not become the nutritionists of tomorrow then the nutritionists of today will become the doctors of tomorrow.’ Rockefeller Institute of Medicine Research

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your case and see if nutritional therapy is right for you before committing yourself to a full consultation.

The Full Consultation £80
If you wish to come for a full consultation you will need to complete a comprehensive questionnaire and food diary so that your digestive function, diet and lifestyle factors, as well as your medical and family history, may be fully assessed. Please send me the questionnaire and food diary, together with any test results you may have had at least 3 days in advance of the consultation so that I may do any necessary research and become focussed on your case.

At the full consultation, lasting 90 minutes, we shall discuss the information you have provided in more detail. I shall then explain to you what may be the underlying cause of your health issues and together we shall devise a personal nutritional and lifestyle programme, tailored to your needs, religion, culture, likes and dislikes. I shall give you handouts here to help explain matters and support you.

I may recommend tests to confirm or investigate less than optimum health functions, or eradicate health concerns. I also may suggest a referral to another healthcare professional, either to provide additional support, or when nutritional therapy may not be the best route for you. After the consultation I shall send you a comprehensive report explaining the underlying causes and contributory factors of your health issues and the nutritional programme we have agreed and I may advise you to discuss your nutritional programme with your GP.

1st Follow-Up Consultation £50
A Follow-Up Consultation 5 weeks later, lasting 60 minutes, is an opportunity to review your progress, give continuing support and encouragement and make any adjustments to the programme. The number of follow-up consultations may vary between clients.

Further Follow-Up Consultations £30
Some clients may need more than one Follow-Up Consultation. These generally last 30-40 minutes.

Home Visits
Home visits can be arranged if you prefer the comfort of your own home or you are unable or find it difficult to travel. Home visits incur an additional fee of 40pence/mile to cover travel costs.

All my fees include support via telephone or e-mail in-between consultations. I shall contact you to briefly discuss how well you are coping and you may contact me regarding any issues or concerns you may have. I really do want you to feel happy and in control of your nutritional programme.

Payment should be made at each consultation by cash or cheque.

If nutritional supplements are recommended for you during the consultation, I can order these for you if you prefer and they will be delivered direct to your home. Payment for these would need to be made in advance and are not included in the consultation fee.

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