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Optimal Health


‘All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature, the challenge of science is to find it.’
Paracelsus, Father of Pharmacology, 1493-1541

Optimal health is achieved by keeping the following different health aspects in balance:

Optimal Physical Health involves eating a healthy diet, exercising, sleeping well and taking responsibility for our own health. Many people exist from day to day without feeling optimally healthy. They may have no symptoms but do not feel full of vitality.

Optimal Emotional Health involves coping well with stress, which is unavoidable in our lives. Inability to cope with stress can make us tired and affect every system of the body resulting in how well the whole body functions.

Optimal Social Health involves loving and understanding ourselves first before we can love and understand others. A supportive social network is important for optimum health and we need to be discerning about relationships, nurturing those which are beneficial and rejecting those which undermine our health.

Optimal Intellectual Health involves our personal achievements, careers, our education and keeping an open mind to learning new things.

Optimal Spiritual Health involves expressing acts of love and kindness towards others and gives us a sense of purpose. Positive emotions like love, joy, care and compassion strengthen our immune system while negative emotions like anger and fear deplete it.

A deficit in any one of these can lead to less than optimal health and a shorter lifespan. Nutritional therapy can help keep these health aspects in balance.

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